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I stumbled across Laser Like Lipo ( it's also known as Laser light Lipo)  back in January of 2014. I was so impressed with the results!

I researched the technology and I spoke personally with manufacturers of the infrared light therapy. I loved not only the idea of a non invasive way to shrink the fat cells,  but also how it promotes overall wellness. 

I'm a certified technician with Vevazz Slim Line Systems and my business, Body Contours by Michelle, became a reality in April 2014.

I added Teeth Whitening  in April 2016 after becoming a certified teeth whitening technician with Abella Ultra White. There are many different teeth whitening products out there, but Abella Ultra is a special non sensitive formula that works just as well as the Hydrogen Peroxide products but without the pain & harshness.

I'm so excited about this technology and its results, that I'm hoping to help my clients reach their goals in the most cost effective way possible. It helped me lose inches and gain confidence and I know it will do the same for others.

In April 2019, to celebrate my 5th year in business, I wanted to give my clients the gift of younger looking skin so I became certified with NeoSkin in Plasma Skin Tightening using the only FDA Approved Plamere Plasma Pen. 

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


It was painless and I started losing weight the first week.

—  Sandra M.


Laser like Lipo is a cold laser light, applied directly to the skin, causing the subcutaneous fat cells to open up and release the contents.  Laser like Lipo is safe, painless and completely non invasive treatment for spot fat reduction and aesthetic body contouring.  It works to reduce trouble spots, such as love handles, tummy bulge, saddlebags and more. 

Laser like Lipo offers hope for people who want to see immediate results for the motivation to stay on track and make lasting lifestyle changes.  It offers help for people who exercise and eat right but still have problem areas. 

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Body Contours by Michelle

offers a convenient and safe alternative to having your teeth whitened at a dentist office. Expect similar results at a fraction of the price without pain or sensitivity.

I use only the highest quality products made by Abella Ultra-White™ "to provide the best smile possible at the lowest price point."

Single Teeth Whitening sessions starting at $99.

Multiple session discounts available.

How Plasma Skin Therapy is done



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